How to cool down your cannabis grow tent if it’s getting too hot?

It’s very fun to grow your cannabis indoors. A lot of new growers have difficulty keeping the temperatures under control in their grow tents. Cannabis thrives in a specific eco-system. This environment can help you maximize your indoor grow and increase yields.

High temperatures can slow down your plants’ growth. However, lower temperatures can stress them and cause all sorts problems.

Let’s get to the bottom of how to cool your grow tent temperature and grow amazing weed!

Is too much heat harmful for cannabis plants

It most certainly is. Similar to you, plants also sweat to cool their bodies. When the temperature soars, plants will stop cooling down quickly and dry out.

Temperatures between 20degC (30degC) and 70degF (85degF) are the temperatures you want for your plants. There won’t be any major issues if your plants are kept between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius (70degF and 85degF).

The air temperature will slowly increase when the grow lights come on. If the air has nowhere else to go it can heat up in your weed growing tent.

Signs that your weevil plants need to cool off

Wilted Leaves

If the temperature gets too high, the water inside the leaves will evaporate. The leaves become brittle when there is no water in their cells. You can also experience drooping leaves if you don’t water your plants enough.

Crunchy crispy leaf tips

If leaves dry out, they can become dry-brittle. If this happens, the leaf tips and edges may curl up. This is usually a sign the temperature has increased recently.

Fox Tails

They aren’t as cute as they sound. This can cause serious damage to your plants. Fox tailing describes the phenomenon of new buds emerging from the tops or existing mature buds. It may seem like an issue, but more buds aren’t always a good thing. Your plant may be stressed and trying harder to increase its chances for pollination. Your plant should focus on the current buds and not produce more flowers. Because these buds are not yet mature, they can reduce your harvest’s average potency.

Reducing heat and cooling down a weed-growing tent

You must find a way that lowers the temperature inside your grow tent. An inline fan is the best option. The inline fans work as an air conditioner within your grow tent. It works by exchanging hot air inside your tent with cooler air outside.

If you are growing indoors, you can use just one of the inline fans to help cool your plants. By attaching ducting to your fan, you can direct the outake into a different area or to an outside window. The fan creates a negative pressure and draws fresh air into the tent through open vents or via ducting.

The ambient temperature in your grow tent could be too hot. You’ll need to route an duct from your tent to cooler air.

Your air intake and your outtake should not be in the same place. This is not a good idea as you can end up recycling the exact air you want to remove.

Two reasons oscillating fan inside grow tents is beneficial are: Oscillating fans can be very helpful in two ways. They help remove hot spots from the grow tent by moving air around. A breeze on plants can make them more resilient. Gentle dancing plants in the breeze can help develop stronger stems.

What causes high grow room temperatures

Cannabis Grow Lights

Your grow light is the greatest factor that can increase the temperature in your weed grow room.

HIDs (or LEDs) are the two most popular grow lights for cannabis indoors.Because HID is the longest-lasting grow light, it is most common to use for cannabis cultivation. While they require a lot in energy, HID grow lamps emit high quality light. They can also get warm during operation. The ballast that powers them can also get very hot. Ballasts can be wired outside a grow tent to reduce heat buildup.

Led Grow Lights

Another type of light that growers use in their weed-growing tents is LEDs. LED grow light has become increasingly popular in cannabis grow spaces. Their lower power requirements and cooler operating temperature allow them to reduce electricity costs.

How to Lower Temperatures in a Weed Grow Camp

Increase Ventilation

An inline fan will be your greatest weapon against the increasing temperature inside a marijuana grow tent. Inline fans circulate the entire volume in the room once per minute, cooling the grow tent. Your cannabis will be enjoying a wonderful time with both cool and warm fresh air.

CFM stands Cubic Feet per Minute and is used to rate inline fans. These efficiency ratings are important to know when looking at the specifications for inline fans for grow tents. Remember that most manufacturers will exaggerate the numbers to get the best possible value.

The volume of your tent determines the size of the power fan and how big it is. Measure the height and width of the tent. This formula can be used to calculate the tent’s volume.