How to Super-Crop Cannabis Plants.

Super cropping, a highly-stressed training method for cannabis growers, can be used to force plants to grow larger and use light more efficiently. It also produces more resin.

Simply put, it involves crushing the stem’s inner core while leaving the outermost layer intact. After that, it is twisted so the stem will grow out and not up.

Super-cropping can increase your plant’s yield by a significant amount, but there are some risks.

The plant could become infected if it is accidentally broken. Here are all the details about super-cropping.

Why Super Crop?

There are many reasons to super-crop your plants.

You may choose to encourage the growth of the plant outward, even if there is only one overhead light. This will help prevent the lower branches getting shaded as they grow.

If there are legal limits on the amount of plants you can keep, you might want to try to grow as many plants as possible.

Or perhaps you just want to grow some of the most potent, stickiest buds you can.

All of these things can be helped by super cropping

It Works

If cannabis plants are damaged or exposed to danger, they activate their defenses and use energy to defend themselves.

Super cropping allows the plant to quickly recover from any injuries and is stronger once it’s healed.

One week after you bent your plant’s stalk, look back and you’ll find that a hardened, bulbous nub has grown around it.

These hard-to-reach growths are called “knuckles”, and if you supercrop your plant skillfully, the plants will be stronger and tougher.

To defend themselves against predators, cannabis plants produce resin.

If your plant notices that it has been damaged, it will increase its resin production.

It is easy for a plant to be damaged if it isn’t careful enough. But this is how a healthy level of adversity, such as super-stress supercropping, creates more potent buds.

When should Super Crop be done?

Super cropping, a highly-stressful training method, is one of the most popular.

Super-cropping plants can harm their health.

After about three to four weeks of vegetative growth, the plant is usually strong enough that it can start super cropping.

It’s important to make sure that you stop the plant at least seven days before it starts to flower.

How to Supercrop Your Plants

Here are the steps to super-crop a plant.

1. Choose your branches to plant.

Place them near the top of the plants. The greener, softer portions of the plant will bend easier.

To maintain even distribution, you could bend the same area on multiple colas. Bend toward the top if only one cola is present.

2. Get clean. Super cropping could lead to infection, so try to minimize this risk.

3. Hold the stem in your hand and squeeze gently.

The goal of crushing the stem tissue is to cause it to be soft enough to bend.

Use your fingertips to gently massage the stem until it begins to feel soft.

4. Bend and bend the stem. Super cropping can be intimidating if you’re not familiar with it.

If the branch feels fragile, you can slow down and squeeze the joint for an additional 30 seconds.

Once the branch has been bent into its place, tie it down with string if necessary. Wait a few days to let it heal.

How to Fix Broken Branchs

You need to be patient and take time to perfect your super cropping skills.

You’ll probably break some branches while you practice. But don’t worry!

Cannabis heals quickly. This means that if you take care to the break, the branch will survive. Here’s how:

1. Take immediate action if a branch snaps.

If you don’t fix the problem before the leaves drop, the branch could become unusable.

2. Secure the broken stem with electrical tape and make a cast.

Some growers advocate ducttape…

The advantage of electrical tape is that it’s elastic and easy to remove.

Use string, twistyties, or small splints to give the branch support it needs.

Both the stems will remain in contact with each other as long the duct tape is on.

3. Wait approximately one week, then take off the tape.

If the area appears to be damaged or the tissue of the plants is grey, remove the tape and wait.