Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds?

Despite Canada legalizing cannabis in several states, quality seeds for home-grown cannabis are still hard to come by.

Many North American cannabis shops don’t even stock cannabis seed, despite the increased demand.Over the many years before legalization, seedbanks were able to offer cannabis seeds for sale through a legal loophole. They could claim that the seeds were intended for novelty and were therefore exempt from any liability. These grey markets seeds are still available, and they are often years ahead compared to the legal market for quality, selection, and availability.

Licensed producers are gradually coming to terms with legalization in Canada and are now offering more options to home-croculators.

You can order cannabis seeds online.

You can find the right type of cannabis seeds online. Canada has a number of provincial cannabis stores that you can purchase your seeds from. These retailers will only carry the most popular seeds. Some retail outlets have their own online sales channels. There are 4 packs of legal seeds. There are not many feminized choices, so non-feminized cannabis seed packs have a 50/50 possibility of producing cannabis flower if they germinate. Flapsy, flat plastic containers for seeds are quite common, and can be easily damaged.

The grey market options, have been available for many years. They offer many options for home gardeners. You’ll find different varieties from different growers and different sources. It’s easy to find feminized as well as autoflowering varieties.

Where can I buy cannabis seeds in person

Because it benefits your local business community, buying cannabis seeds from a retailer is a great option. There aren’t as many choices as online but there will be something for you to grow. It’s the same problem with the legal marketplace being behind when it came to seed choices. However, it’s a market that is slowly growing. Here are your options when it comes to buying cannabis seeds at a brick & mortar shop.

Other sources of cannabis seeds (FREE!)


Bagseed describes the random seeds in legal marijuana flowers. They shouldn’t be there, but they sometimes get through quality control to the containers. These seeds may not germinate or yield a high quality product, but there is no way to know for sure. It’s impossible for anyone to know if they will be male or female. This is a risky endeavor, but it can lead to high-yielding plants. It’s nice to be able to grow your own strain.

Make Your Cannabis Seeds

If you are willing and able to sacrifice the yield of your next harvest, it is very easy to grow your own plants. All you need to start is a few female plants and one man. A male cannabis plant can multiply the number of females it produces. If you purchase regular cannabis seeds, you’ll most likely get some male plants along with a few females. Once the plants reach maturity, the males can pollinate the girls. The females then will concentrate on the production of hundreds upon hundreds. A single plant can give you enough seeds to keep you growing for years. While some seeds may be contaminated, the vast majority of them will mature into beautiful cannabis plants.

Cloning Cannabis Plants

It is not a good seed option, but you should be aware. A cannabis cut is a clipping or cutting from a male cannabis plant. These cutting can then be grown into exact duplicates of their mother plant. These can be made into exact clones. All kinds of genetic variations can exist between seeds and their parent plants.
Although there has been much talk about clones becoming legal in Canada, we don’t know when.

What You Should Ask Before Buying Cannabis Seeds

Are They Indica- or Sativa-based?

Cannabis indica vs cannabis sativa can be confused for two things: they both grow differently in their ways. Sativas tend not to grow as tall as sativas, and they have a very long flowering time. Indicas tend to mature earlier than sativas because they are shorter. You will most likely find a mixture of both the sativas and indica plants. This is why it is important that you ask which strain is more dominant.

Are They Feminized

Male cannabis plants are incapable of producing cannabis flowers, so female cannabis plants will produce only pollen. It is a great way to save time and avoid a lot more trouble by knowing that your seeds will eventually become females. You have a 50/50 chance for regular seeds to produce a woman. For 4 female plants to be possible, you will need 8 seeds.

Are They Autoflowers

Autoflowering cannabis will produce flowers that are independent of the surrounding environment. Regular cannabis plants must be exposed to light for flowering. Autoflowers make a great choice for northern climates as they are very quick to flower and can be harvested before freezing.
They’re optional, but some people find it easier to work in autoflowering marijuana varieties.

What is the Flowering Times?

Each strain will have a flowering period that is average. Knowing the average time it takes for a strain to mature will help you determine its maturity. Sativas can be flowering for many months so they’re not a good choice for outdoor gardening unless your garden is close to the equator. The veg time is the same as flowering, and usually takes about one month.