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CBDThere Are Many Types Of CBD Concentrates

There Are Many Types Of CBD Concentrates

Do not think that there is only one CBD extract. There are many different types of CBD extracts. There are many CBD extracts you can make, from CBD wax to CBD live resin. Continue reading to discover more about CBD concentrates.

What Is A CBD Concentrate And How Does It Work?

Before we start talking about the many kinds of CBD concentrates out there, let’s talk about what CBD concentrate is. A CBD Concentrate is a CBD product containing a high level of cannabidiol. Concentrates offer the ability to receive the high-potency CBD product in a short time, allowing users to feel the benefits and effects in a shorter period of time.

CBD Concentrates: Here Are 3 Types

CBD concentrates usually fall into three main categories. They are Isolate, Full-spectrum, And Broad-Spectrum. Each of these categories is defined by the active components contained in the extract.

CBD Isolate (CBD Isolate): CBD isolate contains a high concentration of CBD and virtually no other active compounds. High-pressure liquid chromatography is used to extract CBD from the plant. A 99 percent pure CBD concentration is produced to create an extremely potent product.

Full-Spectrum CBN: Full-spectrum CBD has many different extracts taken from the hemp plant. It may contain CBD as well, but also terpenes, essential oil, cannabinol, or tetrahydrocannabinol.

Broad-Spectrum Cannabidiol: Broader-spectrum CBD is very comparable to full-spectrum CBD. It contains many of the active compounds found within the hemp plant as well as full-spectrum. Broad-spectrum CBD has no THC, unlike full-spectrum CBD.

Different Cbd Concentrates

CBD concentrates are not only available in the three categories mentioned above. They also come in many other forms. We provide the information below on the most popular CBD extracts.


It is similar in appearance to candle wax. However, wax is typically made from butane (or CO2) extraction. Butane or CO2 extract is still the most popular option in the industry. They can produce clean, high-quality wax with a range of 65 to 90% CBD. Additionally to CBD, wax contains many other compounds and synergistic phytochemicals. Wax has a yellowish-yellow color and is typically darker in appearance.


Budder, a type of CBD concentrate is a derivative of wax CBD. It is made with oils that are high in moisture. Budder is made from CBD extract that has been purified at a higher temperature. The solvent is then extracted by whipping the substance vigorously. A wax CBD concentrates with a creamier texture is created by whipping the substance vigorously. Budder, which is similar in potency to wax, can be made using either a butane- or CO2 extraction process.


Crumble is another type of CBD concentrate. Also known as honeycomb or crumble, crumble is a form of CBD concentrate that has a brittle consistency. It’s not sticky or gooey. Crumble is similar to wax or budder. It is typically extracted using butane and CO2.


Shatter is a high-quality CBD product. The heat can cause shatter to melt and bubble, which gives it the texture of honey. Shatter, a form of CBD that is extremely pure has a smooth, consistent consistency. When placed under pressure, shatter breaks down into small pieces and can be broken up again.


Live resin can be used as a form of broad- or full-spectrum CBD oil. It is made from fresh cannabis buds, which are flash-frozen right after harvest. Without this cooling, volatile terpenes will degrade in the drying and curing stages.

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