How to prepare Cannabis for Edibles

Growing your own marijuana with reefertilizer cannabis nutrients can not only save money but also leave you with more marijuana than you can handle. Edibles may be the best way to grow your marijuana. Edibles offer a healthier and more lasting way to get high. A typical high lasts around 2 hours. However, potent edibles can deliver a lasting high for 6-8 hours.

There are many options for baking edibles. How you bake edibles will depend on your final product and the equipment available. These are some of these common ways to prepare cannabis for edibles.

THCA is a compound found in the trichomes from cannabis buds. When THCA can be heated, it turns to THC. This is the main potent psychoactive compound in marijuana. Decarboxylation heats marijuana but does not burn it. This allows for this conversion to take place. A decarboxylated marijuana is considered to be ‘active,’ making it instantly edible. Decarbed marijuana can either be consumed as is, or in capsules.

The easiest way to carboxylate cannabis is with an oven. These steps are required to decarb your marijuana in the oven.

  1. Pre-heat your oven up to 200F
  2. Finely grind any cannabis you wish decarboxylate
  3. Place crushed buds on parchment papers
  4. In the oven, bake paper and bud 40 minutes


Infusion refers the process of adding cannabinoids such THC to other substances. THC can be infused with alcohol and fats. Cannabis can be infused into butter, oils, and other edibles. THC binds directly to the fats found in these products, activating it. It can be used in recipes as an ingredient or added to other foods.
The infusion process can be accelerated by heat or agitation. No matter what infusion process you choose, it is important not to heat the water above 200F. This may cause damage to cannabinoids.


Cannabutter, cannabis-infused butter, is also known as cannabutter. It is versatile and can be added to any type of baked goods. Cannabutter can easily burn so be sure to watch it carefully.

These are the steps for making cannabutter

  1. Heat butter in pan until it melts
  2. Butter can now be made with decarboxylated marijuana
  3. Let the mixture simmer for approximately 2 hours
  4. Strain the cannabis mix.
  5. Allow the cannabutter mixture to cool, then let it set.

Placing the container in the fridge/freezer can help speed things up by cooling the liquid and allowing the liquid to solidify.

Infused oils and butter should be made from marijuana that has been already decarboxylated. Infused goods will be stronger if they are made from decarbed cannabis. However, this difference might not be very significant. The choice of whether to use decarbed or regular weed is entirely up to you.


Making cannabis-infused oil is very similar to making cannabutter. Because of their versatility, marijuana can be infused in coconut oil or oil. To create potent THC/CBD pills, you can put oil in capsules. For quick and easy dosing, oil can also be added directly to foods and other liquids. This makes oil more convenient than butter in a variety of ways.

These are the steps required to make cannabis-infused butter or oil.

  1. Heat oil in a large saucepan. Let it simmer, but don’t let it boil.
  2. You can also add decarboxylated hemp to the oil
  3. Allow it to simmer for at least three hours with stirring every so often (but not above 200F).
  4. Strain the cannabis using the oil mixture
  5. Allow the oil to cool in another container

Infused oils may be prepared in many different ways. A double boiler can also be used to heat canabis-infused oils. Alternatives exist if this method is too complicated or you don’t possess the hardware.